Tetra is an illuminated wall system that starts with a simple element – the triangle – multiplied to create a grand functioning system. Composed of tiles connected by malleable links, Tetra’s topography can be shaped into custom forms per environment. Scalable to any size and available in hundreds of surface and color options, Tetra’s flexible personality adapts to luxury residences, specialty retail and high-end hospitality.

Tetra Size

DR / P01

Dimensions as shown: 120″ x 30″ with each side of the equilateral triangle at 7.75″  – Tetra can be customized and scaled to any size from a single, illuminated triangle to thousands, to cover an entire wall, ceiling or room”

Width: 4″

Depth: 6″


Glass Color:

Metal Options:

Polished Brass

Matte Black

Light Source:

LED / E14

Power Cord Length: 79″

Power Cord Color:

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